Respicardia, iNCTIM HAUCH

Chief Financial Officer
Respicardia, Inc.

“I was introduced to the Credo 180° team by one on my venture investors/board members who had portfolio companies with positive experiences working with the team.

We also had a very positive experience working with the team, closing on a venture debt deal that ended up much better for the company than I expected we would be able to achieve. Credo 180°s knowledge of current market conditions and the strength of their existing relationships with lenders was critical to us in our process. I also believe the depth of Credo 180°’s understanding of the capabilities and abilities of the lenders also played a key role in our ability to secure a strong set of options to choose from. They ran the process efficiently and effectively, allowing me to be confident the process was running smoothly, but also focus on other business issues.

I would highly recommend working with Credo 180°. ”

Hansen-Medical-PETER MARIANI

Chief Financial Officer
Hansen Medical (HNSN)

“I was in the process of evaluating two terms sheets for debt financing which would be used to enhance our liquidity & fund our commercialization. However, after meeting with Credo 180°, I was convinced their experience and knowledge of the market could help me gain a better deal for the company -And that’s exactly what we got!

Credo 180° proved to be an invaluable resource running an extremely thorough and strategic process. They brought an in-depth understanding of the debt markets and were a valuable sounding board in evaluating a variety of options. It enabled me to get the best financing terms for our company and focus my time on other important areas of our business. I was elated with the outcome and would highly recommend their service to any company looking for debt capital.”


Chief Executive Officer
BodyMedia, Inc.

“The Credo 180° team took the time to walk me through all the nuances of venture debt and then secure a variety of lending options – a number of which we didn’t realize would be available to a company at our stage. In the end, Credo 180° brought together a syndicate of bank financing and mezzanine debt that has provided the additional capital necessary to truly accelerate our business. Credo 180° exceeded all expectations of management and the board. We were extremely satisfied with the results and we continue to strategize with Credo 180° on a regular basis. I would recommend their service to any company considering debt capital.”


Co Founder
Nexus IS, Inc.

“We were unsuccessful in our attempts to secure an acceptable financing option that would subordinate to our senior lender until we retained Credo 180°. They introduced us to an expansive list of qualified lenders and helped us close on a mezzanine financing option with a lender that has been a perfect match for our capital needs, and has proven to be a great long-term partner. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and highly recommend Credo 180°.



Former CFO of OrthoVita (VITA)
Acquired by Stryker Corp. (SYK)

“I was not familiar with Credo 180° and was introduced to them by one of our directors, who recommended them on the basis of work they had done for other companies in which his firm had invested. During our initial conference call with Credo 180°, I was impressed with their knowledge of the debt markets and believed they could generate an outcome that would be better than the two attractive term sheets we already had in hand. After completing their process, Credo 180° secured a a variety of distinct and different financing options which resulted in a significantly better financing option than the term sheets previously considered. The Credo 180° team was very thorough, diligent, persistent and a pleasure to work with. I would strongly recommend their service to anyone that is seeking a thoroughly managed debt procurement process.”


President and CEO
Oraya Therapeutics

“We met with Credo 180°p based on a referral from one of our Investors. At that time, we had already established our debt financing goals and had identified several willing lenders, so we were uncertain whether we could gain meaningful additional value for a process that was well defined and already underway. However, after several more conversations, we decided that Credo 180°’s familiarity with the debt markets would be valuable to our process, especially with respect to the appropriate providers and the key people involved.

In concert with our CFO, Credo 180° secured financing alternatives that exceeded our initial expectations, and employed a process that helped to establish confidence and consensus from our Board. As a result, our lending solution was both financially attractive and well aligned with our business profile and objectives.”


Former CFO of ATS Medical
ATSI – (Acquired by Medtronic)

“We were introduced to Credo 180° from one of our investors. At first, I was reluctant to use their services since we already had a couple of financing options on the table and I personally had experience procuring debt capital in the past. I was surprised by the breadth and depth of Credo 180°’s strategic process and the variety of lending options created. This truly empowered us to make an informed financing decision that was in the best interests of our shareholders.”

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